Casual Dining

This concept of restaurant is about fresh local ingredients and innovative recipes. One of our businesses, Banana Tree was once ranked 1st on tripadvisor.

We started our first snack bar Green Pepper in 2014 and it turned out to be one of our most susscessful projects. The place which enjoyed a prime location, was a popular hangout of locals and foreign visitors to Hanoi. 

In 2016, we opened of Banana Tree restaurant. It was a great experience as we got no.1 of all Hanoi's restaurants after 4 months of operation. We unfortunately, had to temporarily close the store after a year due to the rent issue when the location was sold to a hotel project. We will definitely come back very soon.

- Intersting locations
- Innovative great foods and drinks menu 
- Well trained team 
- Excellent service
- Fun & friendly 
- Always fresh
- Reasonably priced